S. Park (aka sparky) toiling away at everything and nothing for a bleak final outcome for Unit 14 of BA Graphic Design at CSM

Exploring the visual culture of WWII, in comparison to the visual culture of modern warfare.
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Braved Primark to buy the Jackets, £21 each. Plan is to have one with examples of medal pinning, another with full medal lining, and the third also fully lined but displayed inside out.

The economic value of achievement

Progress,, Research
I thought it was important to narrow it down and make it as relatable as possible so decided to stick to real figures from London, from the past 4 years.
  1. Recycling - ~6m – 19.5%
  2. Choosing not to smoke – ~5.5m – 17.9%
  3. Blood Donations - ~0.3m – 1%
  4. Participating in Neighbourhood Watch – ~0.75m – 2.4%
  5. Cycling as means of transport – ~0.15m – 2%
  6. Using Public Transport – ~3m – 9.8%
  7. Buying Organic Food – ~3.3m – 10.8%
  8. Official Volunteering – ~1.8m – 5.8%
  9. Charitable giving - ~5.85m – 19%
  10. Energy efficient buildings – 4m – 13%

*The percentage is measured too add up to 100% so for example, to use one of the categories, the way the infographic would be read is: “19.5% of Londoners recycle”, or “2% of Journeys made in London are on bicycles.”

Source Acknowledgement

General Data: http://data.gov.uk/

  • Charities & Volunteering:  http://www.communities.gov.uk/documents/statistics/pdf/1341477.pdf
  • Recycling: http://www.communities.gov.uk/documents/planningandbuilding/pdf/150583.pdf
  • Travel stats (cycling/public transport): http://www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/corporate/Travel_in_London_Report_2.pdf
  • Neighbourhood Watch: http://www.mynhw.co.uk/regional/london-index.php

Mini or Handheld


Urban Outfitters: Mini Sewing Machine; Handheld Sewing Machine

Just tried out the handheld sewing machine I bought from Urban Outfitters the other day, surprisingly cheap at £15… Figure out a way to display the ribbons, whether to sew onto the lining itself or sew them individually, hmm. The machine itself is rather fidgety to use, but it must be more to do with the grosgrain nature of the ribbons and the fact that they’re tiny.

Might be wise to use a desktop sewing machine.



Images source

I’m not sure what to make of this. Well let me start with the price, these necklaces/brooches cost £260-£385, that’s already one eyebrow shooting up. The visual language here, is obviously trying to communicate military and decorations, yet it’s all over the place. I don’t know, maybe I’ve looked at the rules and regulations for military decorations and orders too much, but using any old grosgrain (some not even grosgrain!) ribbon, held with a clasp, and attaching COIN of a medal just not right. I’m sorry, but it’s almost insulting, no offence to the designer. Just my two cents.

Lost & Found

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Completely separate account btw, if you were wondering.

Why didn,t I think of YouTube

Film,, Progress,, Research

I don’t think I’ll be wanting to use the language of the medals though, seems like there’s a whole world behind them. Thinking of sticking to ribbons only…

Tutorial Notes 27/04/10


Maria: Russian Space city photography

Ellen's graphic interpretation of identity

I think it’s comforting to see what others have been doing and how far they’ve managed to get in their project. I thought Maria’s project especially stood out because her medium format photography was quite impressive, although sometimes indistinguishable among the ‘vintage’ archive photos she mixed in with her batch. Still, really interesting topic – who’d have thought to visit the Star city for a project! It would be amazing to investigate the Space Race of the Cold War and the reasons why the place looks the way it does now…

Tutorial Notes 22/04/10


Kei's vintage classroom map

More vintage nicnacs from Kei's collection

Annabel: Photos of abandoned satellite dishes

Lucy & Rose, interaction with design agencies and promoting identity

I guess I’m a little relieved everyone’s not fully engaged in something – I thought I was the only one lagging behind. It’s hard keeping two big things going at the same time. OK tutorial notes:

Lucy mentioned something about how the soldiers would feel patronized that they would go through a life-risking campaign, losing close friends during battle, only to receive a meager medal.
Ties in with the questioning the worth of a medal, maybe that’s also the reason why people sell them off?

General discussion leaned towards making insinuation with daily-life circumstances & items with the language of medals.
Visual language? The language of receiving something for something you do?

Rose mentioned how if someone has a plaster on the small of their elbow, that automatically tells others that he’s given blood. Therefore the plaster acts as a sort of ‘medal’ or sign. Other examples like bumper sticker, teardrop, earrings (to mark sexuality) came up.
Not sure I want to go into the signage, I do want my piece to have the taste of a certain military structure.

    June 2019
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    To-Do List
    • Do mock-up of Jacket and figure out max ribbon panel count
    • Figure out number of categories & order ribbons!
    • Obtain statistics for the categories
    • Visit Imperial War Museum
    • Visit National Army Museum
    • Visit the 'Decode' Exhibition at V&A
    • Explore visual culture of War - information graphics?