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Exploring the visual culture of WWII, in comparison to the visual culture of modern warfare.
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The Value of an Accomplishment?

Progress,, WWII

As mentioned before I stumbled upon a webstore that sold medals and badges from the Second World War. Usually I’d have beamed at the fact that such novelty items were available for purchase, but then it got me thinking how there can be a value to accomplishment medals? The prices on the store seem to depend on the physical state of the medals and there probably is a standard pricing for the different types (derived from what exactly?) but is it really right to be selling some of these? I’m sure many of the badges and insignias were either surplus or part of an overflowing ‘archive’, but what about the medals and ID Tags? Has memorabilia from WWII faded into the souvenir category already?

It might be interesting to look at the worth of medals, how does one go about obtaining one, what kind of story is behind it, and what relationship the wearer/giver might have with it…


Dissertation,, Progress

From the very beginning I wanted to go back to my dissertation and re-touch on topics that I’d discussed or began exploring, but due to the fact that my dissertation was incredibly abstract, conceptual and basically code to those who hasn’t read Paul Virilio, I’m finding it hard.

My main interests lie in the Second World War, around D-Day of 1944 and General Patton, but that seems too specific in topic. Then again I need to narrow things down eventually…

If I did stay true to the topics of my dissertation, I might want to look at the relationship between men & machines, in terms of visual perception in war. Right now I have no idea where the visual starting point for this should be, but I want to explore how the space and time between adversaries increase, while decreasing at the same time through the development of  ’seeing’ through weapons and machinery.

I’ll start by looking at the history and chronological development of ‘seeing’ machines over the major wars, and determine what kind of relationship it has to soldiers, pilots and civilians in war.

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  • Do mock-up of Jacket and figure out max ribbon panel count
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  • Visit Imperial War Museum
  • Visit National Army Museum
  • Visit the 'Decode' Exhibition at V&A
  • Explore visual culture of War - information graphics?