S. Park (aka sparky) toiling away at everything and nothing for a bleak final outcome for Unit 14 of BA Graphic Design at CSM

Exploring the visual culture of WWII, in comparison to the visual culture of modern warfare.
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Lost & Found

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Completely separate account btw, if you were wondering.

Why didn,t I think of YouTube

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I don’t think I’ll be wanting to use the language of the medals though, seems like there’s a whole world behind them. Thinking of sticking to ribbons only…

Ultimate Weapon

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Was watching Watchmen the other day, (wow alliterate much?)  sorry for the spoiler, not that it should spoil the movie for you – the amusement of the ending is largely obstructed by the violence & sex throughout the movie.

Reminded me of the shifting fields of perception in current wars – wars that are no longer fought with heavy weapons, but with perception delivered through the camera and television. Watchmen is set at the height of the Arms Race between US and USSR during the Cold War, obviously a fiction in itself, but it underlines the point that it had been the perception of the effects of a possible WMD, and the anticipation of hostility from each adversary that made the Cold War a blizzard war. The fictional conclusion in the movie, the peace and the ‘ending’ of the Cold War is delivered through the media, despite the one nuclear (Hot) explosion that Veidt uses to trigger what is to be considered the ‘ultimate weapon’.


Film,, WWII

One of my favourite scenes in Band of Brothers

“We salute the rank, not the man” Lieutenant Winters to Captain Sobel

July 2019
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To-Do List
  • Do mock-up of Jacket and figure out max ribbon panel count
  • Figure out number of categories & order ribbons!
  • Obtain statistics for the categories
  • Visit Imperial War Museum
  • Visit National Army Museum
  • Visit the 'Decode' Exhibition at V&A
  • Explore visual culture of War - information graphics?