Today was visit the National War Museum in Chelsea day. The weather was smashin’ – a little windy, but smashin’ nevertheless. I’d been to the Imperial War Museum before and had assumed that the National War Museum would be a more serious version, with a more academic approach. It was academic alright, for elementary school. A lot of the displays and interactions were for children, and the language was a little too dumbed down for my taste. Worst of all, photography is not allowed? Well since I’m such a badass rebel, I took advantage of my phone camera. That’s what its really for, isn’t it.

During the First World War trench warfare, the Allies would sometimes dig a tunnel under the trenches to the German side and plant explosives.

Formations Badges from the Pacific front

The formation badges and medals (ribbons & coins) caught my eye most, and got me thinking what determines the colour and shape of a medal…