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Annabel: Photos of abandoned satellite dishes

Lucy & Rose, interaction with design agencies and promoting identity

I guess I’m a little relieved everyone’s not fully engaged in something – I thought I was the only one lagging behind. It’s hard keeping two big things going at the same time. OK tutorial notes:

Lucy mentioned something about how the soldiers would feel patronized that they would go through a life-risking campaign, losing close friends during battle, only to receive a meager medal.
Ties in with the questioning the worth of a medal, maybe that’s also the reason why people sell them off?

General discussion leaned towards making insinuation with daily-life circumstances & items with the language of medals.
Visual language? The language of receiving something for something you do?

Rose mentioned how if someone has a plaster on the small of their elbow, that automatically tells others that he’s given blood. Therefore the plaster acts as a sort of ‘medal’ or sign. Other examples like bumper sticker, teardrop, earrings (to mark sexuality) came up.
Not sure I want to go into the signage, I do want my piece to have the taste of a certain military structure.