I remembered seeing medals and ribbons displayed in a window of a store somewhere in Covent Garden so after the tutorial with Max I went out for an excursion to find the shop. The particular store I remembered was easy to find, one called Toye Kenning & Spencer LTD just opposite the Freemasons Hall on Great Queen Street, but I had no idea the entire store was for medals badges and trophies for the Freemasons society. I asked a store assistant whether they sold medal ribbons and he said they’re quite hard to comeby to begin with, but that I should try Spink which is just up Southampton Row. Well how very convenient.

I walked to Spink, and then walked past it. I would’ve never realized it was a shop if not for the fact that I was looking for it. There was no shop window, the only thing on display was a face of what looked to be Tsar Nicholas II and no they weren’t selling that picture… I think. Über exclusive entrance too, no?

Inside, when I asked about literature on medals of the world wars I was introduced to a lovely lady called Catherine, who picked out books that might be of use. Turns out there aren’t any books specifically on the medals and accomplishment awards of the Second World War, but of all the wars, including contemporary depending on when the book was published. Then she disappeared through a set of doors and emerged 10 minutes later with a handful of ‘scrap’ medal ribbons. Wowza, here’s where my project kicks off properly I guess.