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“Ribbons are read right to left, top-to-bottom”

How are these ribbons mounted?


Ribbon strips are widths of riband which are won alone to signify the orders, decorations and medals which the wearer has received. They are usually worn with uniform, and are placed above the left breast pocket.

Medal ribbons may be sewn onto strips of buckram or similar material and then stitched on to the uniform or coat; or they may be sewn onto a brooch pin, allowing them to be detached from the coat or uniform as required.

*All British orders, decorations and medals may be represented on the ribbon bar with the exception of the Orders of the Garter and the Thistle, and the two Baronets’ Badges.


Ribbons are arranged side-by-side in strict accordance with the ‘order of wear’ with no gaps showing and no overlapping.

Dimensions of Ribbons

The depth of ribbons (i.e. from top to bottom) should measure 13mm for the Royal Navy; 9.5mm for the Royal Marines and the Army; and 1.1mm for the RAF.

Scanned from ‘A Manual for the Wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals’, Andrew Hanham, 2005, Spink & Sons ltd, London, pg 37

So the width of ribbons on a panel are different depending on what outfit you are in… Maximum width: 51mm (Order of Merit)